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The Amazon Analytics Bible

The Amazon Analytics Bible - Tom Corson-Knowles It's amazing how quickly some books become obsolete. This book describes how to get your picture into the description area of your amazon book page.
Several problems:
1. the book mentions that it can't be done with Author Central.
2. Later on, the author produces a youtube video indicating it can be done using Author Central and gives an example on how to do it.
3. Now Author Central decides to prevent it again.
In the meantime any author who is currently trying to place an image in the description area (in Oct 2013 for example) can't get it done. But here is the real mystery. When viewing the author's amazon link to his book, his picture is in the description area. Yet anyone who tries to get theirs in now can't do it.
The question is, how long will the author's picture stay there? Will Amazon remove it?
Will this mystery ever get solved?